Trip 4: Day 2 with Parents! Part 1

No time to sleep long!
For the next day were were up bright and early for a hotel breakfast before charging out to the bus and to the national museum in Beijing!

Be prepared for beautiful artifacts, and wine vessels.

However, despite our hurrying, we still got caught in a long line where people cutting in was common, and so was angered yelling at cutters.

Here’s some reference you might find useful through this photo set~

One of our first recognizable wine vessels. Manyy of what you see should be assumed to be a wine vessel.
Including these!

A jade necklace~
A mold for arrowheads!

Old copper mirrors.

A wine vessel~
And another wine vessel~
And more! Just keep assuming these wine vessels!
This is a lamp.

An expensive jade necklace~

More in Part 2!

Trip 4: Day 1 of Parents!

That’s right!
I am making a very late post…

I mean my parents had finally come to China to spend a week!
How exciting it is for parents to meet parents! 
So, to greet them, we picked them up at 3 am in Beijing from the airport and quickly whisked them away at 6 am to the Great Wall!

Father along a path which is along the Great Wall~
Just some nice flowers I saw >V>;
The boys posing next to a stele which states: A man is no man till he has climbed the Great Wall.

After the Great Wall we were right on off to lunch~
And what would my parents’ first main meal be in China?
Why, hot pot of course!

Once an always amazing lunch of hot pot, we were off to the Spring Palace to finish off the afternoon.

The paintings here are all original. Nothing is the same, and there are thousands of them over buildings and this main walkway.

These guardians are before many buildings, there are always two. A mother with her cub beneath her paw, and a male with a ball.

These are guardians that always sit on the corners of roof tops. The more their are, the more important the building.

The original corner of a roof~

What the harbor looked like here at the Summer Palace~

The marble boat~

With our tired legs, we made our way dinner which happened to be traditional Beijing foods.

exhausted, but full, we waddled our way back to the hotel for a nice of peaceful rest!

Finished wedding images: Emily edition Part 3
My solo pictures are finished ;v; However the couple part of our wedding photos are not done yet.
I’ll spare you of every photo >v>;

Finished wedding images: Emily edition Part 2
My solo pictures are finished ;v; However the couple part of our wedding photos are not done yet.
I’ll spare you of every phote >v>;

Finished wedding images: Emily edition Part 1
My solo pictures are finished ;v; However the couple part of our wedding photos are not done yet.

Trip 4: Day 30 - Part 2

Being on a farm, nearly everything at this lunch was fresh from the fields! Chicken, eggs, and pig right from the yard, veggies straight from the earth, and fish from the pond!
A tasty chicken soup~
Some squid~
All this sea food is easy for the trained, but difficult for the inexperienced like myself..

With lunch finished, it was time to stamp the calligraphy!

Next Liaoda and I went out into the corn field to take home some corn as the calligraphers continued to stamp and write more.

And to end the stay a the farm is a quick work by Liaoda’s father~

Tomorrow is a day of packing as we hit the train in the evening for Beijing!
Till another time!

Trip 4: Day 30 - Part 1

Today the entire family was up bright and early for we had friends to go visit out in the farm land!
Not just any friends, but members to the provincial calligraphy group that Liaoda’s father is the head of.

Now bear with this! Plenty of pictures are to come!
And one of th first things one sees after the long drive to the farm is the chicken enclosure they have!

After the chicken yard wasthe main building we wouldbe staying in and thankfully had AC!
The table was an ancien door! So glorious!

A tea table~
What ancient beds had looked like in China.
Calligraphy brushes~
An old wheel.

While all the elders chatted, Liaoda and I wandered out back to the chickens for a bit. It as here we met the only chicken who did not run from us. I have dubbed her Fluffy-butt for her great feathery rear.
Many times through the day, when we passed this by, Fluffy-butt would eventually come to Liaoda and I~ It will be a sad day if she is made into a meal!

After our visit with Fluffy-butt, we returned to the cool room where the tabl was being set for calligraphy.
The stamps for Liaoda’s father’s work. Left is the family name and right is the father’s name. Both are made from the same stone.
Other stamps he uses as well~

One of the calligraphers testing paper and working on name for different rooms.
Here is a close up on one of his works. The paper is so fragile that it can be cut with other paper!

Liaoda’s father beginning to work!

A quick snack. This is candy corn, though not the sort Americans eat for Halloween. It is corn that can be eaten without washing or cooking.

The third calligrapher who is beginning on a long piece.Some of Liaoda’s father’s finished works~

Calligraphy time was done, and while ink dries it was time to eat!
In part 2!

Trip 4: Days 26 - 29

Day 26 had been a relaxing day, though he did have a dinner to head to in the evening! The dinner was with Liaoda’s father’s side of the family, many of which I had met before. imageimageTumblr is being ever so kind as to flip images again… but here is some upside-down liver~ imageimage Okay tumblr…feel free to stop with turning my pictures… imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageA rather large beer can…

Aftera big dinner we were off to see the oldest couple to their home.Th had recently purchased a new apartment and their room was on th 23rd floor! So high!

Day 27 was, wait for it…
My birthday!
We went out to celebrate by having Peking Duck~
imageDonkey roll, but no fear! There is no donkey in them!
imageimageimageimageimageimageThere are several eating traditions on one’s day of birth. In the morning I had to each a peach for health, an egg for wealth, and now these! Long life noodles. One single long noodl you eat to have a good long life on your birthday!

After lunch we spent a couple of long hours in the grocery store. The only prize being we got me a small cake!

There was also an interesting plant at the super market…
imageSo that is what Aloe looks like..

The next day we went to go check out how the pictures were going, and after that we had a quick lunch of hot pot near Liaoda’s father’s work.

That day has drawn to a close, and now it is a day of cleaning here.
Soon mother and father will be coming to China!

Trip 4: Days 23 - 25

Day 23, the day when the man of Earth meets his celetial love for a day!
For this day the parents were off to fix the car and handle their own business, thus Liaoda and I were dropped off at a popular chain mall.

It may not have been the best day to visit a mall…
The place was packed! Couples everywhere and singles signing up for the mall’s personal dating show! Hordes of humans wherever one turned!

The stage for the dating show set up, followed after a long, hours long, commercial for the a hotel’s wedding room! Full with wedding dress fashion shows.
Ah, but the shows were not starting yet, so let the dancers distract the crowd.
A dessert Liaoda and I partook in. Match and red bean pudding, and coconut milk with papaya and jello.
Some weird Japanese snack…
A doodle I did on an ipad at the mall real quick >v>;
A traditional wedding dress fashion show.
A jasmine tea slushie and cream puff snack~

After many hours walking around, the parents were finally finished and ready to pick us up by dinner time! We went to a restaurant that cooks traditional foods for the north west in China.
Tumblr likes to turn my pictures…
Soups with lamb stomach, lung, and more.

After all of us were near to bursting we made our way home for our favored Chinese dating show! And then were off to bed. For the next morning we were immediately off to visit a family friend at the new restaurant he is building.

The place he plans to make into a ‘cultural garden.’ Meant to listen to traditional singers, appreciate art, and have delicious food. Though it is far from complete, it is looking good already!
An old cow statue…
The best dining room so far in a traditional style.
The European dining room.
The relaxation and tea enjoyment area. which also has an automatic Mah Jong board~
A sports bar he owns as well, with an indoor soccor field.
His collection of wines~
Grasshoppers and Cicadas~
Mashed yams in sweet sauces.
A liquor that is 60%. Very good, and the bottle you see here is an official work of art.
Deer tendons.
Sheep stomach.

With that we left for home pleasantly full and we are on to a relaxed day today! Onward toward tomorrow!

Trip 4: Days 13 - 22 Part 2

The very next day it was time to have a big lunch with another friend. The father had not made it, but the mother and her son and daughter joined us for the fine lunch~
imageimageimageimageLotus in a sugarly sauce~

After a delicious dinner in a fine air conditioned room, we were off to home for a quick relaxation before leaving for the grocery store.
Though the very next day we went to visit the other set of grandparents! And there, near by, they have another grocery store. We went there as well so we could buy them some food along with a few other things to meet our needs. While there I took a quick snippet of these little pastries. Mostly manto and the sort eaten with meals.
imageimageHere is lunch! In the sack is some tasty duck that tastes good with beer, which is why a rather large can of beer is nearby!

Another day would pass and we would be off to more things!Liaoda went to the hospital to have his lungs checked out after some pain with his condition. Turns out he is beginning to heal so the pain arose from that, he also got his teeth checked~ The entire fee that day, with doctors, dentists and x-rays, was only about twenty American dollars! It is okay to drool, I had done so.

After that we went out to lunch,
imageAn interesting fish mean where they turn the fish inside out and cook the meat so it pops out as such~

After lunch we visited the book store where we spent a while in the infant section getting me various flashcards so I may begin to learn Chinese.

Another trip to the mall has happened. This time a different mall as Liaoda and I had fun while his mother was off handling something and his father working.A milk tea and dounut. Their dounut tasted less surgary than our’s…in a bitter way. When will there me a happy balance ;A;
Some cute little jelly fish they had floating about.
Matcha milk with red beans and cream~
It wouldn’t be long before Liaoda’s mother rejoined us and we found lunch~
Some of the best fish head I’ve ever had! ;A; The sauce tasted like black licorice!

After a while of mall hopping we stopped at a KFC for a quick ice cream break,

And after this we were off mall hopping once more till it came time for dinner~ We were at the river mall again where we found a nice place and waited for Liaoda’s father to bike over and join us~

After dinner we were off to wait for the bus and head home. But look what was outdoors in the mall’s fountain!
Giant silly whale balloons!

Now off for more days! Enjoy Chinese Valentine’s day tomorrow!