Trip 4: Days 6 - 7

Prepare for a post of pictures with me smiling or looking thought!
For these two days were spent at the air conditioned photo studio for mine and Liaoda’s wedding photos! Although, even with air conditioning it was horridly hot feeling for taking pictures and posing is not as easy as one thinks! Between changing outfits, bending about, and concentrating, even air conditioning begins to feel like the desert.

I’ve gained a new respect for models from this!
Both days were long. Day 6 was 8 am to 8 pm, while Day 7 was 8 am to about 7 pm! Pure work through it all but for a quick break for lunch or bathroom!

Now, on to the pictures!
Day 6:

Here we begin dressed in the first outfit, but with hair merely washed and my face utterly bare to the world! It was time for make-up!
Make-up on, hair partially complete, and Liaoda’s aunt photo bombing~
My nails were put on for these two days. I’ve never been one for fake nails, and boy is it hard to change clothing in them!
Liaoda had a much easier time, just a pluck of his eyebrows, a shake of his small mustache, and a brushing of his hair~
Now we were ready!
There are only a few pictures to come that have been photoshopped yet. Many are raw, and the photoshopped ones were to show Liaoda’s mother what can be done. There are a few hundred pictures, but I’ll spare you all and show a select few!

Outfit 2, Day 6:

Outfit 3, Day 6

Outfit 4, Day 6
These are the more traditional wedding outfits. They’ve been used over plenty of dynasties! I will say the headdress is fairly heavy.
Also tradition, the groom would not see the woman he was to marry till she was safely transported to his home and in the bed. It would be there the veil could be lifted and you would see, for the first time, your wife!

Outfit 5, Day 6
This is not the dress I will have for the wedding, but as it was part of the package deal, and my dress is in America undergoing alterations, I had to select one of the dressed they provided everyone. So, unable to select a dress, everyone suggested this mermaid.
Liaoda thought the dress style and hair made me look a tad like Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

Day 6 had finally ended with both Liaoda and I tuckered out. We were at a mall for the final shoot above, so with Liaoda’s parents, aunt, and cousin we all sat down at a hot pot place and enjoyed a meal before heading home and hitting the hay!

Day 7

This day is all about me! Liaoda no longer had to model, so he spent the day relaxing with everyone else while I went through the next day of shooting.
Onward to the first outfit!
This outfit is somewhat based on one of the four most beautiful women in Chinese history.

Outfit 2, Day 7

Outfit 3, Day 7

Outfit 4, Day 7

Outfit 5, Day 7
This is an empress outfit, and the head piece weighed quite painfully onto my head! Yet it was worth it!

Now, a big thanks to my beautiful team!

From left to right: 1. My funny hair dresser/ make-up artist. We ran into the issue with my hair color and none of the wigs could be used. She was creative in getting my hair up and beautiful! 2. Another make-up artist/ hair stylist, she worked on Liaoda/other customers. She also fixed up my accessories/outfit during the shoots. 3. Me! 4. My photographer~ He knew a little English, so he was able to tell me how to move about or pose. He was kind andd funny, andd I felt bad his wife had to wait so long to come and get him at the end of the day! 5. The photographer’s assistant, he also helped fixed my outfit or was busy adjusting light.

A special bigger thanks to Liaoda’s mother and father who paid for this, along with the books and photos! This was a fun experience and a blast! ;A;

Trip 4: Days 1 - 5

The trip to China started bright and early in the morning with the first flights out from the airport and was followed by three more flights.
One flight was delayed rather long, sending me in a panic, but the rest went smoothly.

The long trip over seas was spent at first being rained on while the plane was taking off. I was forced to hold a pillow over my head to protect myself from whatever was the source of the water. Thankfully the attendants covered that with a throwup bag after the plane was stable. However, the problems did not end there as I found my main source of entertainment, the movies on the back of the seats, had broken sound!

I was moved between two Indian men after that, one old, one middle aged with his wife. They were kind and I finally had working movies. Got fairly sick during some heavy turbulance, yet I did not vomit~

The flight from Hong Kong to Beijing was slightly annoying as somehow the three young boys behind me found it entertaining to make battle and plane sounds for three hours straight.

When I finally landed, over 24 hours later, Liaoda, an uncle of his, and the uncle’s nephew picked me up and drove us two hours to a four star hotel.

Day 1begins here with exploring the hotel grounds

After exploration, we sat back down in the car for the long ride back to Liaoda’s home town of ShiJiazhuang. Yet the ride was not all bad, it had a few views.

The moment we made it into town we were stopping for a business dinner. No time to pretty up or relax! Yet it was easily forgiven when the meal had Peking Duck!

Dinner ended and everyone returned to their homes. I slept quite well that night!

But was woken on Day 2 at five in the morning to go on a trip to a place I had gone last year. Last year the season of the lotus flowers were nearing an end, but this year it was prime season! We, Liaoda and I, left with his ‘sister’ and his neice to join a tour group.
Here is the Lotus seeds~ You pluck them out and peel them to eat them.
After this day we were hot, sweaty beyond belief, and tired.

Day 3 - 5

Day 3 was spent at the mall purchasing laptops, ipads, and new fans. While day four was fully at home with relaxation, finally. And day five, today, will be spent looking at chinese outfits for wedding pictures! Which I better get off to doing!

Till next time!

Warning to my followers

Looks like I may have had an account breach,
If you get any suspicious links from me, please ignore them!
…because I have no idea how to even send people messages on this site… >V>;


This is a post specifically for blogger: robynhoodscloset, who three days ago wore and posted a photoset of her wearing an outfit on her blog. The post (x) has over 1340 sickening amount of notes the last time I checked and I’d appreciate it if everyone took a portion of their time to read why wearing and even promoting this outfit is a bad idea, and how a simple “Fashion/Cultural (Asian, in this case) appreciation can turn into a disaster if you are ignorant about what exactly those symbols and prints on a seemingly innocent piece of clothing can truly represent.

This Issue is very important to me personally as it addresses the historical Issues of my country (Korea) so please, please reblog this post so others can educate themselves and avoid further supporting/wearing any more of this trash.

Okay, first things first. Looking at the moments they consist mostly of I quote: “You got a little bit of Asia all over you!” and “This is so cute!”
Yep! It is. It has a bit of Asia all over it. A symbol of the Asian fucking Nazi.
This is a huge deal, because if you look closely at her original post,they bear a symbol of a flag called the 욱일기/旭日旗 or the “Rising sun Flag”. This is what it looks like:Bit of history: This flag was used especially during the Second World War to represent the Japanese Imperial Military force during their conquest and occupation of East Asia, mainly Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, etc etc.

Basically what this means is that during WW2, Japan invaded a fuckton of countries and oppressed them with brutal military force, committing genocide on millions of people, oppressing their culture/ language, killing off Korea’s last remaining Royal Queen, taking prisoners/hostages of war, kidnapping and raping young girls as “comfort women/ sex slaves”, separated families, prevented acts of Independence, etc etc more, more and did that rIGHT UNDER THIS FLAG. By Choosing to wear this symbol you are participating in romanticizing the Military as well as outwardly dismissing and ignoring the struggles of millions who has suffered in the War and coped through the Oppression of Japan.

What Japan has done to other countries is equivalent (or even more to) Germany’s treatment of Jews during the Nazi movement. Reducing the years and years of struggles and the history of war into something that is merely a “fashion statement” and “Appreciating culture/Asia” is not only fundamentally wrong, but also incredibly blind and offensive. And just with any other conscious actions, ignorance is not an acceptable excuse either. We don’t see people dressed in Nazi uniforms and anything bearing the symbol Swastika is considered to be absolutely taboo. So why should this be any different? 

When I clicked through the link and had a look at this product on the actual site, the site states that “15 PERCENT OF ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THE TOKYO IDOL LINE WILL BE DONATED TO THE JAPANESE RED CROSS SOCIETY!”
it is okay if you really want to help Japan and I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t, this completely up to your own will. But they do not need money like this. They do not need the money that came from exploiting the symbol and proudly displaying a flag of the fucking military and selling it for profit.

I understand that fashion is a way of expressing who you are and I think this is exactly why it is so important that we as decent human beings and consumers need to know exactly what we are conveying when we make the conscious decision to wear the clothing on our body. Especially considering the message it could potentially convey to others, whether it’d be the impression that you are a person of ignorance and or committing acts of cultural offense to numerous countries and their people.

I don’t think that Robynhoodscloset is an active supporter of War or the “Asian Nazis” (lmao) and I’d like to believe that all of this was unintentional. But seeing as how she herself is an active blogger (as well as made the conscious effort to wear it) + the post has gotten over thousands of notes, I do not think it is appropriate for her to be promoting or continue wearing the outfit, causing more unsuspecting people to see this symbol just as a cute fashion statement and not being aware of the history and symbolic meaning the Rising Sun Flag has.

If by any chance Robynhoodscloset reads this then I’d like to request that she takes down her original post on both tumblr/facebook and other social networking sites she is active on and at least provide an explanation or an apology about her actions.

I wish there was a way to start getting people to boycott this brand or to even stop this clothing from being manufactured but I have no idea and I can only hope that by through this post, people could be more aware of the issues and prevent this disgusting company from making any more profits through this product. If anyone wants to contradict my statements or argument then feel please free to do so, my inbox is open.

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Trip 3 July 19th - July 21st

So my last few days in China!
The 19th was spent lazing about the home,
while the 20th was out of a lunch and mall wandering~
The lunch was just Liaoda, his mother, and I, while his father was off at a business lunch. But we had Peking Duck! So no complaining there!

Some eggplant with meat~

Here comes the duck! They will usually present it to the patron to look at before beginning to cut it.

After lunch we went off to wander through a near by mall. Liaoda’s father turned up drunk later, had a few too many toasts at lunch it seemed. So it was a taxi ride home~

21st began lazy but we were off for my farewell dinner at a 5 star hotel cafe, Liaoda’s father even got us a private room~

Frog~ So delicious!
Finally, for dessert, a big cube of toast with some chocolate icecream~

After this we wandering through an underground mall for a bit, before boarding a long bus ride home to finish packing and watch our favorite dating show.
Tomorrow morning we leave bright and early for Beijing where I hope to try and avoid a teary farewell. We shall see how that goes…

Trip 3 July 17th - July 18th

The 17th was supposed to be a peaceful day, yet it turned into a mini trip!
Liaoda’s father was off to work and selling the family car while Liaoda, his mother, and I were off with some friends to travel to the New York girl’s home town. A cute little farming village with a power plant near by.
The power plant was interesting to see. And in the main town you could drive so close to it that a gas station was only 50 feet away!

Here is New York girl’s…cousin. The family terms can be a bit odd in China. While NY girl has a nephew who is at least ten years older than her, she also has this old fellow and another as a cousin.
Out in the distance there is the power plant that brings energy to many villages around the area.

Old Chinese furniture~

Their home also had a smaller sound studio and movie area~ Here we watched NY girl in one of her Beijing Opera shows~

Now we were off to the ‘pond’ which was much more like a lake!
Here people capture fish, or feed their many many hundreds of ducks to keep them around and make into food.

Here was a nice random fellow fishing for small fish~
His ‘Time to Win’ shirt was very appropriate for all the little fish he caught~

Here were fellows drying out their shrimping nets~

There was the ‘cousin’ out looking for clams~

An oddly shapred tree~
Here was the neighboor’s adorable little kitten~~

Here was the table that we discussed how proud the family was of their new upstairs toilet and how Liaoda’s mother and I were the first to ever use their new toilet. It was a bit impressive though. They had it hidden in a closet so it didnt stand out in the room~
We had a tasty fish here that they caught at the lake, also plenty of alcohol that send me to sleep for an hour or two in their guest rooms.
Their second story had an amazing view of their corn fields~
Also of the mountains that, in World War 2, Japanese built bunkers on to watch over the village. Many people also commited suicide on the mountains as they would rather die than live under then Japanese.
Liaoda pointed out this cute little fellow! A tiny little mantis! How cute!

And the cute little kitten came into our coart yard to find a few scraps from lunch~

The kitten didn’t seem too happy about this, but the boy sure was!
And here was a snack they let us take home~ These are called…Chinese hamburgers. You eat off theend, then stuff it full of meat and some veggies~

As for the 18th, it has been spent packing!
Four more days till my return~

Trip 3 July 10th - July 16th Part 3

This part shall focus on a lunch with another family friend! This one I like to call the ‘Funny Guy.’ He’s a very happy, alcohol loving man~ I also got to meet at this dinner a friend from my first trip, a girl who lives in New York and is working on her masters. She has excellent english~
But again, no people pictures as people did not use my camera for them…
Here was our wine, or white liquor, for the meal. 60% alcohol, let us say that after two or so shots of this, I was ready for a nap~
Some very tasty ribs!image

A sea food dish, as this restaurant’s specialty is sea food~

One of my favorite meals from my frist trip to China! This is a little ball with black sesame sauce inside~ Here they fried it~


A sort of hot pot dish~

Chicken feet~

Some buns with butter and egg cooked within~

So, after our fruit dessert, the day was not yet done!
We were all invited to the Funny Guy’s home vto drink tea, listen to music, and enjoy a 3D movie~

Now funny guy likes his wines, so he has many lovely containers about~

I’ve been to this studio before in my frist year in China, but it was fun this time as well~ It was here we listened to Beijing Opera music because the New York girl can sing a bit herself and has done shows in New York.
Now this was an interesting picture! It’s actually an embroidery!

Here is funny guy himself preparing an expensive tea that the prime minster of China often serves to other country leaders~

Me in my 3D glasses which were batteyr powered. They had a 3D setting, a 2D setting and the off! We watched half a documentary of the Grand Canyon, and then watched a whole 3D Chinese movie~

The next day Liaoda and I were off to the malls again~ I tried on clothing and shoes while he followed in a bored manner. We had Pizza Hut again though~

Another day Liaoda and I journeyed once more to another fun place.
World of Sea!
An indoor water park~ Sadly cameras were not allowed inside, so I have no images. But it was a fun trip nontheless. Liaoda got over his fear of the water slides and learned to love them, they had a little river that Liaoda and I floated about in together, and a fun yet terrifying wave pool~
Perhaps it would have been better with less people, but with all the Chinese crowding in, each wave became a wall of humans!
I was pulled under twice, but Liaoda, like all the other boyfriends around, somehow managed to stay standing and pull me out.

Finally, the other night, I got a great gift from Liaoda’s father!

My own artist stamp with my name on it!

See you all another day!

Trip 3 July 10th - July 16th Part 2

This part consists of two dinners, one for Liaoda’s mother’s brithday with some old friends, and a second is merely a dinner with two other families who are also close family friends.

So Liaoda’s mother’s birthday!
Liaoda gave her a beautiful gift of 1$ which she laughed and returned, I feel the dinner was a much better gift.
She picked the foods she wished for, or thought good for the guests~

She picked this yogurt for Liaoda and I, it was rather delicous with watermelon and these rice crispy things~

A french fry sort of deal with smiley faces for the one little boy at the table~

These were some tasty yams covered in sugar and the rice crispy things! Very delicious~~

And here is what everyone awaits at a birthday! The cake~ This one was lemon flavores with plenty of fruit up top~

Sadly his mother isnt much of one for sweets, so she didnt eat much of her cake.

The next day was a wedding to visit for lunch, and another evening with friends for dinner~
But first we had to try and sell the family car to make room for the new one that is being shipped.
Yes this isnt a car, but I enjoyed the environment we were in while everyone talked business…
Now on to the wedding!

Some tasty giant meatballs~
Also, yes, these meat balls dont seem like a bride and groom getting married. Weddings in China seem to be more of sharing food than of the ceremony. some may watch the couple kiss or do silly things up on the stage, but most will chat, drink, and eat.

Now after that filling meal we were off for a bit of shopping before heading to the dinner with our good family friends! Now these people I see each year I come. The story is that when Liaoda was first born, his mother was roomed with two other mothers who had just given birth as well, thus they had plenty of time to chat and become close friends~

Beer, alcohol, orange juice and tea, such an array of drinks!

The same delicious yam treat!

Sadly, for these meals, my camera was not used for group pictures, so all I have is food pictures. Perhaps one day I shall have other images as well!
Now, on to Part 3!

Trip 3 July 10th - July 16th Part 1

Now plenty of action in these six days!
With my trip nearing its end, there is much to stuff into my remaining days.
I’ll begin with a day shopping with Liaoda because diving further into diners with family friends and Liaoda’s Mother’s birthday~

So Liaoda took me to a mall to explore, try on clothing and experience some interesting things. One of these was Haagan-daz. No, this place didner have just little cartons to carry home and stuff your face with, rather every small scoop was expensive!
They even had fresh real flowers at each table~
We got a little mixture of icecream, this cost about…86 RMB which is about 14$.image

After a little more shopping, trying on some things, and weary feet, we stopped at Pizza Hut for some lunch. Now I’ve been to a Pizza Hut with my sister once in China, but this was my second time, so fun to see it again~
Pizza Hut here is more of a restaurant rather than a pizza delivery joint.
Some tasty chocolate milk tea we shared~image

Liaoda’s reaction to kissing…
After lunch I posed next to a Paul Frank ad~
Then we walked around a bit more, avoided a frightful yellow mascot guy, and walked through an arcade…that had a small roller rink!image

but with this I am done with part 1!
So expect a part 2 soon!

Trip 3 June 31st - July 9th Part 2

A rather late part two, but here it is!
It’s mostly meals, so prepare for food!

Now, our first stop was a lunch at the mall. Now I know a mall doesn’t seem like a place to get fancy foods, but this mall had some pretty expensive restaurants up top!

The mall had this Plants vs Zombies set up~!

That I had some fun with~

Now to the restaurant we go~

Oh how I love yams~~

Some more peking duck~
Now there were two expensive dishes at this meal that few people care to spend the money on to eat. One is the sea cucumber, which all the men at the table got, while the women got…

Pawpaw fruit filled with a Sparrow’s spit and nest~
The sparrow spit and nest is considered to help a woman’s beauty, while the pawpaw fruit is supposed to increase breast size.

A cooked puffer fish~

And dessert~

Now our next top had been a boring long wait for the father to go to a business meeting. After sitting about his office for a while we were finally off to head to a dinner~

Cute little pumpkin baozu~

Now thats it for now! Await more posts soon~